Q Industries pty ltd is an Australian company specialising in commercial, industrial, residential and retail lighting.

We bring a wealth of new ideas and technological innovation to the design and production of lighting with over 40 years of combined experience in the electrical and lighting industries. SinceĀ Q was established in 2005 our first priority has been answering our clients’ lighting needs with the right recommendations and exceptional service. Q’s range of products is available in a wide selection of design, size and colour, we can also offer individual concepts to meet specific project requirements.

Q’s manufacturing process utilises in house design resources combining imported components from europe and asia to ensure the latest and most innovative technology, while still maintaining high quality lighting products.

Q is able to offer practical energy efficiency audits, these represent one of the quickest ways for an organisation to reduce its operating costs, at the same time as achieving positive environmental change. Q’s experienced team can combine the latest products and control solutions for swift payback periods while some recommendations may provide long term cost savings through reduced maintenance.