September 11 2015 0comment

In-House Photometry



Earlier this year Q Industries took the benchmark of technology and service, and raised it a bit higher again with the addition of a Goniophotometer to our in-house lab.

A Goniophotometer is a precisely calibrated machine that measures the luminous intensity distributions of a luminaire or various lamps. These measurements are represented by absolute Desk and Machineand relative photometry.
What’s the difference you ask? It’s rather simple; absolute photometry measures the lumen output of a specific luminaire and relative photometry measures the exact light output of various lamps, i.e. halogen lamps, LEDs etc.

The state of the art Everfine GO-2000-B Goniometer enables us to generate luminaire photometric files in both .ies NA and .idt (EULUMDAT) format, to enable accurate lighting calculations in both AGI32 and Dialux lighting calculation programs.Side View

The ability to produce these photometric performance files, for prototype and in-production fittings, is particularly beneficial in relation to SSL’s (LED) given the rapid development of this light source. Being able to test in-house provides the ability to optimise combinations of light source and optics for both performance and energy efficiency, keeping Q Industries at the leading edge of luminaire technology.

The machine and fixed photometer is housed in a custom built darkroom and the end user interface is located just outside the darkroom enabling us to monitor the fitting in real time as the test is conducted.